I pictured it shot for shot, I saw it scene for scene


The Alchemist - Live - Acoustic with lyrics

The Alchemist has the ability to create something from nothing.  People fail to see the preciousness in everyday objects and settings.  Embracing what nature and the universe has to offer, the alchemist ultimately pays attention to, appreciates, and utilizes whatever they can.  Taking nothing for granted with minimal waste, the alchemist can achieve things the average person can’t.  Free from the restrictions of whats possible and impossible, the alchemist creates their own reality, redefining the rules we’ve been held back by.

Where's My Soul? - Live - Cobra Lounge 04/15-2018

Where's My Soul? is about finding yourself and your way through whatever job, problem, or solution you need to.  There's no one way to do anything.  As much as we may feel like we are alone, we are not.  There's no reason to go through things by yourself, and you shouldn't need to.  Your world may seem like it is falling apart and you're losing control.  Take a minute, step back, and breathe.  We've all got something to offer.  Now find it within yourself and show the world.

Miss Ann - Live - LiveWire Lounge - 12/23-2017

Miss Ann is actually short for Misanthrope, as in The Misanthrope, a play written by Moliere.  To understand this song more, it would help to look into this play.  Surrounded by people bending backwards to “fit” in a “proper society,” the main character is living the life of a “cynic.”  Risking the feelings of others, the relationships with friends and loved ones; our character says whats in their heart, good or bad, in order to be true to themselves.  To be blunt and honest at all costs.  There is a tendency for people to convince themselves that they are the only ones that have felt the way they feel.  Depending on what these feelings are, if you're open and honest, you may find others that share in your pride, embarrassment, shame, or courage.