Bob "Bandito" Demakis - Guitar, Vox

George "Lobo" Chalifoux - Bass, Howling

Derek "Reishi Wan" Walls - Drums, Vox

The Band

The Wild & Hungry consists of three friends who grew up playing music together. 

Inspired and influenced by artists and bands such as Brand New, Refused, Thrice, Jack White, Johnny Cash, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Alkaline Trio, Danial Knox, Lord Huron, and Marcus Mumford; The Wild & Hungry's sound could sprawl across a number of genres while mainly remaining in the realm of Rock.  

The main objective of The Wild & Hungry is to play. Anywhere, anytime, with anyone. With a somewhat untraditional sound and song structure, their hope is to play and motivate. To inspire and ignite the passions of those who have lost their way.  

Stay Wild. Stay Hungry.